Gym Class Heroes – Stereo Hearts (Piano Cover) by LittleTranscriber

Facebook: Learn to play @ Gym Class Heroes – Stereo Hearts piano solo by me. Enjoy

How to Play Guitar: Beginners / Introduction to Chords

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How to Play Groovy/Funky "Jazz organ" influenced Gospel (The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow)

(Expand to read lesson notes…) Basic Changes: Eb7 | Eb7 | Ab7 | Eb7 | Eb7 Db7 | C7 | F7b9 | Bb7b9 | Eb7 | Eb7 | Ab7 | Adim | Eb7 Db7 | C7 | F7b9 | Bb7b9 (tag to Eb)| This is a 30 minute lesson which goes into the secrets of how to get that "gospel funk" feel in your playing, whether youre a Jazz musician who wants more Jimmy McGriff in your playing, or a Gospel player who wants to have a bit more Jazz in your playing. Ive taken a simplified version of THE LORD WILL MAKE A WAY to serve as the basis of this video, but also focus on some stuff like Holy Ghost type walks and other changes that incorporate "foot romping" bass lines and funky shout chords. Please note that the annotations are not included in the free version of this video. Get with me for a lesson if you want the written notes… but please note that I no longer teacher full time… so I can only take on a couple extra students per week. Fortunately, since a lot of my students are professionals, I get cancellations due to sudden gigs and work obligations so its not uncommon to have one or two sudden openings per week. As for the contents of the lesson… I cover… Construction of 7 3 5 type Dom7 Chords Flat Nines Diminished Chords Walks Shout Chords Sharp Nines A few technical tips related to hammond organ methodology Some licks Blues Scales

Organ Concerto 21

Music played by Finale Notation program with Garritan Virtual Orchestra violins, violas, cellos and pipe organ. Finale is playing the notation using Garritan Virtual Orchestra. I am not playing the music. In the other videos I play the music using Garritan program on the computer using an M audio keyboard connected to the computer. Photos are of Pipe Organs in Germany

How To Play "Nobody’s Business" Piano Lesson (Rihanna)

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Hans Zimmer – Davy Jones Plays His Organ

Composed by: Hans Zimmer Track included in: Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Mans Chest —————————- If you want the MIDI file. the sheet mus…

Game Of Thrones – Main Title on Piano

Official Website: Like me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter: Sheet music: Me playing the main theme to the excellent Game Of Thrones TV series composed by Ramin Djawadi. This is purely learnt by ear and is my own piano arrangement played straightlive, I added a touch of reverb to the piano afterwards for effect. I arranged the piece so the first half is in more of a classicalcontemporary piano style, with a left hand figuration that resembles the main theme from the Final Fantasy games (not intentional). This then leads fluently into a closer approximation of the original theme. Thanks for listening as always 🙂 Mark


Back when I was a kid growing up, there was a local AM radio station that featured an organist who did a daily show (Mon-Fri at 6, Saturday mornings at 10). The music was all popular standards performed on the Hammond organ. I was 15 and taking organ lessons at the time and always enjoyed listening to this guy play. His style had a lot of influence on the way I enjoy playing today. Sadly, you dont hear this kind of music on the radio anymore. Luckily, I had a tape recorder back then and recorded a few of the shows. I still have those tapes and thought Id put together a few of the songs from his broadcasts. This was recorded from the radio on a rather cheap tape recorder so the quality isnt that great. Still, its a piece of preserved history that will never be repeated. From 1964, Here is Allen Dudley performing Melodies for the Hammond Organ.

Piano Notes I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues is where to get ALL lessons to complete this song series, as well as over 3000 other videos by Shawn teaching you to play the piano using his whiteboard method. Do a Facebook search for to find his fans page and get notified of upcoming lessons or just to see what Shawns up to. http for DVD orders. is his Twitter page to receive tweets when Shawn uploads a new video. Enjoy!

How to play Bebop Heads on the Hammond Organ: Ornithology (HD Jazz lesson!)

Todays tune — Ornithology. Get out REAL BOOK v.1 for the basic changes. In this lesson I discuss strategies for learning tricky bebop lines, and how to put them together with a walking bass lines. Also good players of other instruments having difficulties getting their bebop heads together. The key point of the lesson is that Charlie Parker heads are based on patterns of pick-ups and multi-part licks, and by breaking them down they can be quite easy to learn. Enjoy the lesson, and get in touch with me if you like my teaching method! Babz Gonzales sings it… Eddie Jefferson… Charlie Parker (an earlier version)

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