Learn information about the Rewards and Properties Relating to the Yamaha NP-30

If you are in search of an affordable lightweight digital piano, you may just need the Yamaha NP-30. Although this piano has a lightweight and compact design, it still has the great digital sound that Yamaha is known for. This Yamaha is rather small, weighing only twelve pounds, and all you need are six AA batteries to get this digital piano working. Apart from the cost, the primary reason that many persons purchase this digital piano is because it is very portable.

The Yamaha P-30 portable digital piano is able to provide you with the simplicity and the great digital sound of Yamaha pianos in a new compact and lightweight design, and the great thing about this is that the Yamaha P-30 is available at a price that you will be able to afford. This digital piano is thought to be the most compact of its kind, as it weighs only twelve pounds and has a very slim design. Furthermore, the Yamaha P-30 can be powered up with an AC power adapter (included) or six AA batteries (not included).

Yamaha utilizes stereo piano samples from AWM to create a more authentic piano sound, and this is the method that Yamaha uses to develop digital sounds. A stereo sound is developed by using two microphones. Another feature of the Yamaha NP-30 that you will enjoy using is the dual voice feature. This simply means that you will be able to play two voices concurrently. Additionally, there is a built-n metronome that this Yamaha comes with, and this is perfect for times when you are practicing; furthermore, the metronome can be used in different time signatures.

Some of the main features of this Yamaha piano are the music rest, controls that are touch sensitive, fine tuning, transposition, ten piano songs that have been preset, ten voice demo songs and output and phone jacks. There is also a MIDI OUT/IN terminals, two speakers, a sustain pedal jack, five reverb settings, ten voices, thirty-two polyphony notes and seventy-six keys. You can choose to operate this Yamaha by power with the use of the AC power adapter that is included with this piano, or you can use six AA batteries.

Dual Voice Mode: Make a selection of any two voices, and the Yamaha P-30 will combine them and play them simultaneously. All that you need to do is press the ‘Voice Select’ button, and then choose the two voices that you would like to listen to for a range of combinations. Here are some of the keys features of the Yamaha P-30. A Music Rest. An output/Phone Jack. OUT/IN MIDI Terminals. The is a sustain Jack. There are 10 Demo Songs. The keys are touch Sensitive. There are 5 Settings for Reverb and 10 Voices. There is also a metronome, stereo Sampling by AWV and a graded Soft Touch. Remember that the Yamaha P-30 digital piano is capable of operating using an AC power adapter, or six AA batteries. The portability makes it a great piano to take with you every where you go.

Learn more about theYamaha NP-30 piano’s fantastic details and benefits at our website. While there take a look at the Yamaha DGX-530digital piano also, you will be happy you did.

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