♫ How to play "BLESS THE LORD WITH ME" (Darwin Hobbs) – gospel piano tutorial ♫ This is a tutorial to play "COME ON AND BLESS THE LORD WITH ME" by Darwin Hobbs (Woman Thou Art Loosed ConferenceTD Jakes). Check out my other tutorials at

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6 Responses to “♫ How to play "BLESS THE LORD WITH ME" (Darwin Hobbs) – gospel piano tutorial ♫”

  • jeropp00:

    Cool video. I like how simplified you have illustrated this. Ive checked your site and 1 tip i will give you for future tutorials like this one.

    Check out this site vmpk[DOT]sourceforge[DOT]net for their free and opensource ‘Virtual Midi Piano Keyboard’ Software. I am working with this as well and I hope this will help you as well.

  • greytarist:

    awesome tutorial! .. the 4 chord (F) he’s adding the E… (E is the major 7 of F) and that A major chord he added a B note and an Ab which makes it an A major9 chord.. pretty cool

  • luchu18:

    that was awesome!

  • DivaJacobs313:

    Hey guy, I see you were busy while I was gone… Cruise was fab…. thanks love it… will have to add to my collection as well…. Love the right hand work.

  • kizzy122:

    thanks big brother. Going to learn it now.

  • hontoa1:


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